3 ways to get more followers on twitter instantly

 Twitter is a massive social network with a ton of opportunity for promoting your products or services. With over 100 million users, Twitter is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. But how does one actually use this fantastic social network for marketing purposes. It’s quite simple actually. In this article I will give you 3 quick ways to gain Twitter followers instantly and for free.

Update your Profile

Are one of those Twitter users that still use the default egg profile picture that Twitter gives you when you first sign up to their website? Remove that egg from your profile NOW!! Unlike the old days, the internet has become a whole lot more transparent. Instead of using cartoonist avatar pictures, people are using images of themselves for avatar pictures. Take a selfie of yourself (regardless of all the hate selfies have been receiving lately) and upload you’re a crisp, clear picture of yourself to Twitter. This will let you your followers know that they are following a real person and not some automated robot account. Write a detailed bio about yourself and your interests. You can sometime gain a new Twitter follower just by having the same interests as them. This leads us to our next tip.

Follow people that share the same interests as you.

In the real world, likeminded people tend to stick together. There is no difference in the online world. People like communicating with people that they have something in common with. A quick way to find someone that shares the same views and interest as you, just visit Twitter search page at www.twitter.com/search and type in your search term. For instance, if you are currently reading the book “Fifty shades of gray”, type the keywords “reading fifty shades of gray” into Twitter’s search engines and press search. Twitter will now present you with a search results page that list all the Twitter users that made a Tweet that included the phrase “reading fifty shades of gray”. Go try it out now for yourself, but don’t forget to come back to read about my third tip.


Follow the people that you found using tip #2, followers.

Hopefully you came back after checking out Twitter’s cool search featured. Hopefully you were also able to find someone that shares similar interests as you do. My last tip, is to follow the followers of someone that shares the same interests as you do. Use the example given in tip #2, let’s say that you found someone that was also reading the fifty shades of gray. You click the follow button on their profile and you are now officially one of their followers. So why stop there? More than likely the person that you just followed may have followers that they share the same interest with. Since you and the person you just followed have something in common, maybe you and that person followers share something in common also. Search through their followers and find even more people to follow.

If you used the tips provided in this article, your Twitter follower count will increase greatly. I personally used these three methods (well I only used the first method once) to increase my Twitter followers count to over 10,000 highly active and likeminded followers that I also followed back. If you are new to Twitter, than this is a perfect way to start gaining Twitter followers instantly.